Sleep better.

Benefits of dormir blankets

Weighted blankets help ground your body during sleep by pushing it downwards. This process, known as “earthing” or “grounding,” may have a deeply calming effect. The blankets also simulate deep pressure touch (DPT), a type of therapy that uses firm, hands-on pressure to reduce chronic stress and high levels of anxiety.

Like a big hug

There is no other feeling like jumping into bed and feeling instantly tucked in and hugged from the first moment. The weight of the blanket helps you to feel relaxed and calm throughout the entire night, just the way things should be!

Why dormir?

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

    Deep pressure touch stimulation without uncomfortable restriction to help reduce stress and anxiety. Just like a warm hug from a loved one.

  • Better Sleep Quality

    Deeper, better sleep means you can hit the day with a full battery and not need a good old granny nap throughout the day.

  • Produce Serotonin & Endorphins

    These little guys are the chemicals our bodies naturally use to feel relaxed or calm.


Are these okay for summer?

Yes they are. In summer, we recommend just using the inner blanket, or putting it in a more lightweight cover.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Feel free to get in touch if you would like an ETA to your country.

How long is delivery?

We currently offer free, same day shipping. If delays are expected the customer will be notified via email straight away.